72th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics (November 23, 2019 — November 26, 2019)

V0067: Unraveling the interplay of two counter-rotating helical vortices

  • Alessandro Capone, CNR-INM Institute of Marine Engineering
  • Francisco Alves Pereira, CNR-INM Institute of Marine Engineering
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1103/APS.DFD.2019.GFM.V0067

The video reports the observation of the interaction between two counter-rotating helical vortices generated by two coaxial propellers. This interaction shows how the two structures exchange vorticity through various processes that are documented by high speed observations. Merging, splitting, reconnection, entrainment, roll-up contribute to distribute the vorticity originating at the blade tips into a coherent vortex wake. 

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